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Town center

This ultra-modern commercial set-up at the heart of Vision City will be the center of activity and a one point facilitator for all the major amenity requirements for the local community in the neighbourhood. It will be situated right in the middle of the township, a walkable distance from most residences..

The Town Centre will include retail shopping, a large anchor supermarket, food outlets, banking services, police outposts, health centers and other day-to-day utility outlets. It will also include recreational and leisure spots such as restaurants, sports facilities, swimming pool and a club house, a hotel, office block, and a medium size convention centre.
While the town centre has several designated parking areas, its open spaces have been pedestrianized to encourage social and community activities.
Once completed, the Vision City town Centre will be the most sought-after leisure and relaxation spot in Kigali..

Muhanga mixed-used building

The building houses various shops, with an open courtyard in the centre that can be used for leisure, recreation and market purposes. A restaurant/cafe is also planned in future. Finally, the courtyard will be spread with market and exhibition stalls on an ad-hoc basis, complete with seating arrangements